Learn how to incorporate your PowerMassager® into your daily RPR® warm-up and recovery routine.

Whether you're new to RPR® or already use this course is a game changer!
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UNexplained injuries or pain? feeling stressed out? frustrated with traditional solutions?

It’s time for a different solution

RPR is a different understanding of human function

UNLOCK Your PowerMassager®

Are you an active adult who wants to...

Build Pain Free Movement

You live an active lifestyle and want to feel younger. You want to feel your best and manage the aches and pains of getting older–this is the course for you.

Feel Relaxed and Calm

You want to improve general wellness, find a better way to relax and engage in a meaningful life. We can't take you to a nice white sand beach, but we can teach your body to cope with stress better.

Enjoy Life

Life is busy, so you need to maximize your time and effort. The RPR methods incorporate easily into any routine and can be done in just 2-5 minutes per day.


Stress pushes your body into a survival state. In this survival state, your body utilizes compensation patterns that limit performance and can lead to injury. Anyone can use RPR® to reconnect with their body and shift out of this survival state.
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Your body has two priorities: to breathe and to move. To perform at our best, we need to do both properly. In a world of constant stress, our bodies find a way to meet those priorities by creating harmful compensation patterns.
Compensation patterns are the main cause of non contact injuries in sport as well as every day aches and pains that limit performance. Using the RPR® methods, you can shift your own body out of these patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility and help your body become more resilient to injury.
The course use special reflex points that reset your body out of these harmful compensation patterns. What makes RPR® so unique is that you don't need a PhD in anatomy to use them. Athletes take control of their own health and performance.
RPR® is sophisticated enough that it can explain almost every non contact injury you have ever seen and help prevent them from happening again. At the same time, RPR® is simple enough that a ten-year-old can use it.

The Best Part About the RPR® PowerMassager RPR Course is That the Results are Immediate and Measurable.

RPR® is not a “treatment” for injuries. It is not intended to “treat”, “fix”, “manipulate” or otherwise replace medical advice and/or treatment.
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Coaches, trainers and elite athletes use massage therapy during training to speed recovery. TimTam makes professional grade therapy products for professional athletes, trainers, therapists & consumers. Our patent pending device and attachments will add another layer to your fitness regime or simply unlock the holistic benefits of massage therapy.
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