Timtam Tops Cnet's Best Gifts of 2019

Best overall high-powered massage gun

TimTam All New Power Massager

all-new-power-massager-tt-therapeutics-llc-timtam- (3) (1).jpg "This massage gun is best for people who are looking for more percussion, less vibration. While it does utilize both, the percussive motion is extremely intense and definitely hits deeper layers of soft tissue."

Best multi-functional massage gun

TimTam Power Massager Pro

power-massager-pro-ships-september-tt-therapeutics (2).jpg

"This TimTam model features five settings and is far quieter. It also comes with some unique attachments, including an auto-heating tip and a vibration attachment that increases the intensity."

Take advantage of our incredible Power Massager™ Pro Bundle Offer.        $700 worth of value for just $499.99 + Free Shipping To 48 States

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According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a warm-up is defined as “preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically designed to prepare the body for exercise or sport”. Designing an adequate warmup is usually dependent on the athlete’s needs, goals, and abilities.¹ The goal is to mentally and physically prepare the athlete for a training session or competition; while reducing the risk of injury. Benefits of a well designed warm-up are as follows:² Psychological readiness and preparation Increased blood flow to active muscles Increased strength and power output Improved joint range of motion Increased core temperature Enhanced oxygen delivery Faster muscle contraction and relaxation There are many warm-up procedures that a coach or athlete may implement into their training routine. Learning about the advantages of different procedures is crucial to building an effective warm-up specific to yourself or another individual. This article will discuss traditional procedures like static and dynamic stretching; as well as some newer modalities aiding in the speed and effectiveness of a warmup.