Post-game Get-right Days Inspired by Professional Football Athletes

When it comes to winning big games, a championship, or a Superbowl, it isn’t always the best team that comes out on top -- but rather, the team that has managed to stay healthiest over time. As athletes take a serious beating during most games and return a week later to play even harder, elite players - as expected - have their recovery nailed down to a science. At TimTam, we want you to have all you need to recover like the Pros, which is why we’re showing you the best tips for a post-game get-right day. Using expert recommended recovery practices and great recovery tools like the TimTam Power Massager and  Recovery Hot Balm, you can get your body feeling right after a tough game or workout.



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After four quarters of being tackled by players running at full speed, in all conditions, it’s easy to imagine that pro athletes spend a solid amount of time recovering. After all, even an average-sized defensive back - weighing in just under 200 pounds - can  tackle with 1600 pounds of force. These aches and pains are typically handled using sports massage that releases tension and increases blood flow to the muscles, allowing them to heal in time for next Sunday’s game.

Although pro players have professional athletic training staff, players from across the league swear by the  TimTam Power Massager for easy, powerful percussive massage. While reducing pain, the Power Massager helps fight lactic acid buildup and aids the repair of microtears after a game. Take your get-right day massage to the next level by pairing your  Timtam Power Massager with  Recovery Hot Balm. The addition of heat to your massage is super soothing and helps increase blood flow for an effective treatment on sore, achy, and damaged muscles.



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An integral part of every elite player’s get-right day is taking the time to properly stretch exhausted muscles. While stretching before a big game is an agreed-upon truth, many athletes minimize the necessity of taking the time to stretch after a game. If you’re looking to recover like the best athletes in football, be sure to make sure stretching is a part of your get-right day routine.

Stretching helps increase flexibility and range of motion in upcoming games by taking the time to relax muscles after a period of exertion. Completing 20-30 minutes of solid stretching is extremely effective for helping prevent future injury -- an all-important benefit for dedicated athletes everywhere. In other words, taking the time to stretch can help you perform stronger in the future and keep you from injuring yourself in the next game, making it a crucial aspect of your recovery.



There’s an intricate science to choosing between hot and cold therapy after a workout. Cold therapy - like ice baths or icing - are great for immediately after a game to decrease swelling from muscle injuries. The  cold helps oxygenate the muscles and remove waste products like lactic acid by tightening blood vessels. Aside from the recovery benefits, taking a dip in a cold bath after sweating and exerting yourself in a game can feel AMAZING.

Heat therapy, however, is better to be used 24-48 hours after a game. Heat - in the form of hot tubs or topicals - helps increase blood flow, soothes aching, and  reduces stiffness in the muscles. If you don’t have access to a hot tub on your get right day, a hot bath at home will do the trick. For extra muscle benefits, throw some Epsom salts into the tub -- you can thank us later.



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We all know that a big game or tough practice takes a toll on your body, and your performance is a direct reflection of how you’ve prepared and fueled your body for the task. Much like how we fuel our bodies before a big game, refueling afterward is equally important. Picking the right fuel for your post-game get-right day is a science. Eating a meal 30-60 minutes after a game will aid in optimal recovery. What can we recommend for this time frame needing a  high level of complex carbs and protein? A burrito bowl. That’s right - Chipotle fans rejoice; a burrito bowl is one of the best foods to eat after a tough game. It’s best, however, to avoid or enjoy in moderation the unhealthier aspects of these bowls: cheese, sour cream, and queso.

But what if you don’t have the time to get a meal in immediately after you get off the field? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. Protein supplementation is quick and convenient for starving muscles in need of refueling. Supplements can simplify things in a pinch when you do not have access to a wholesome meal right away, but be careful, not all protein supplements are healthy. Check out our  Premium Protein for an amazing taste and natural feel that your body will thank you for.


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Your get-right day is not complete without using compression in your post-game regimen. Whether you have access to leg air compression machines like the pros or just stick to a trusted pair of compression tights, paying attention to compression can lead to incredible benefits for your upcoming games and practices. Compression increases blood flow velocity by constricting blood vessels which leads to decreased muscle fatigue and soreness, getting you back to tip-top performance as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a great recovery tool for muscular compression and myofascial release, try out the  TimTam floss bands. Designed to wrap around muscle areas during a light workout, the Floss Bands compress fascia, temporarily restricting blood flow to ultimately improve range of motion and inflammation following a tough workout. Skipping compression during get-right day leaves your body stiff and unable to perform at its peak, making it imperative for both you and the pros to set aside time to focus on recovery.

Recovery is just as important as training leading up to a season. Take inspiration from the pros and plan yourself a get-right day with the help of the  TimTam Power Massager,  topicals,  nutrition, and the entire line of  modern recovery tools designed to take your game to the next level.

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According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a warm-up is defined as “preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically designed to prepare the body for exercise or sport”. Designing an adequate warmup is usually dependent on the athlete’s needs, goals, and abilities.¹ The goal is to mentally and physically prepare the athlete for a training session or competition; while reducing the risk of injury. Benefits of a well designed warm-up are as follows:² Psychological readiness and preparation Increased blood flow to active muscles Increased strength and power output Improved joint range of motion Increased core temperature Enhanced oxygen delivery Faster muscle contraction and relaxation There are many warm-up procedures that a coach or athlete may implement into their training routine. Learning about the advantages of different procedures is crucial to building an effective warm-up specific to yourself or another individual. This article will discuss traditional procedures like static and dynamic stretching; as well as some newer modalities aiding in the speed and effectiveness of a warmup.