5 Best Complements to Your Everyday Workout

You love working out. You love waking up early and feeling the wind in your face on a tough run, or the motivation and energy of a spin class. Not to mention, you love the way your body feels when you push it to its limits - that amazing ‘pump’ or slight burn from a tough workout resulting from another workout accomplished. But, do you enjoy feeling the burn for several days after? NO! All your hard work is worth applauding, and at TimTam we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of every move you make. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five best compliments to your workout. These recovery tools are based on athlete success, in-depth research, and TimTam’s expert knowledge in hopes that these recommendations can help you take your workouts to the next level and recovery for the next.

Proper Workout Recovery with TimTam

Recovery Tools for Improved Performance and Reduce Soreness

TimTam_Vibrating_Foam_Roller (1).jpg 2 (2) (1).jpg When we think about doing everything we can to help achieve better, more effective workouts, we often forget how important of a role recovery plays in our day to day training. Without emphasizing recovery, athletes are almost guaranteed to stay sore longer and prevent their bodies from reaching peak performance due to stiffness, aching, and fatigue. TimTam - an industry leader in modern recovery for all - creates a line of massagers, rollers, topicals and more to combat the aches and pains impeding on your peak performance.

If you’re looking to keep your muscles fresh and ready to perform, you’ve got to try out the TimTam  PowerMassagers and vibrating foam roller. Percussive therapy with our PowerMassagers is similar to traditional massage, however the relief is faster, mobile, and less taxing on the hands. 

The  vibrating massage roller is equipped with four speeds and applies the perfect amount of pressure to aching muscles and joints. Acting as both a roller and a massage in one, this vibrating massage roller is perfect for recovery. In fact, studies have shown that foam rollers with vibration are significantly more effective than traditional foam rollers in improving warmup and reducing DOMS.¹ ² ³ 

Workout Tracking with a Fitness Tracker

Monitor Your Progress and Stay on Top of Your Game

Fitness_tracker_on_woman_s_wrist (1).jpg

There are dozens of great fitness trackers on the market, all created by reputable brands like Fitbit, Whoop, Garmin, and more. Aside from being a fun accessory for modern health, fitness trackers are a great complement to your workouts. With the ability to count your daily steps, monitor your heart rate, measure recovery, and much more; providing insight into your everyday health. Fitness trackers have become so popular that the  industry reached $30 billion in 2019 and is projected for $91.98 billion by 2027 -- which means it’s time you get your hands on one.

At the surface, fitness trackers simply provide you with information to track and motivate your active lifestyle. But fitness trackers do so much more and provide solutions for a variety of common workout blunders. A major benefit of fitness trackers is accountability: someone reminding you to stay moving, tracking your progress, and calling you out when you’re having a lazy day. Great for keeping you updated on your workouts and encouraging healthy habits, fitness trackers are a great complement to any fitness fiend’s workout routine.

Astounding Benefits of Yoga After a Workout

Stay Connected & Maintain Flexibility with Yoga

Man_practicing_yoga (1).jpg

We’ve all heard of the incredible benefits for our minds and bodies. Notably, athletes around the world are using yoga more and more due to its incredible benefits, making it a great complement to even the most intense workouts. One of the greatest benefits of adding yoga  to your existing regimen is increased flexibility and mobility. For athletes like lacrosse players, football players, runners, and basketball players, it’s important to maintain peak mobility to reduce injury and optimize muscle performance. Yoga also helps with muscle strength and endurance, needed for staying swift and on your toes on the field.

Additionally, yoga has excellent effects on staying connected with your body  as a whole. Athletes need to stay in-tune with their bodies to know when to train harder, dial it back, or maintain that perfect level of intensity. Yoga helps athletes connect with their bodies so they can finally find that sweet spot for their training. To top it off, it’s a great way to manage stress endured throughout the day!

Fuel Your Body with TT Nutrition

The Perfect Complement to Your Training & Diet

big-Power_Performance-mockup_image_f196e451-9b4a-4 (1).jpg

One of the most important aspects of every athlete’s training plan is making sure their diet supports a high-level training schedule. The CDC reports that about 90 percent of adults in the United States do not consume enough nutrients. Ensuring they have proper macros in a proper calorie intake, plenty of fruits and veggies, and complex carbs is key to providing them with the sustainable energy they need to outperform themselves each and every day. Any gaps in the diet can be filled with supplements to ensure your body is performing at an optimal level. 

But why use supplements? Supplements are great for people who cannot consume the amount of nutrients they need, especially for individuals with busy and/or highly active lifestyles. They provide a quick and tasty, or tasteless option to support your diet. 

A trusted name in modern training and recovery - is TT Nutrition: the all-natural supplement line that is proven to help athletes reach peak performance and balance. Providing you with essential nutrients to train harder and recover safer, TT Nutrition is the go to supplement line without all the additives. 

Boost Your Hydration with ORS

Oral Rehydration Solutions are an Athlete’s New Best Friend

water (1).jpg

Originally developed to provide an IV-free hydration solution on mission trips, Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) revolutionize the way we rehydrate. Hydration is a major key to optimum health and especially important for athletes who are depleting their water and electrolyte supply during a tough workout. ORS use a careful balance of sodium, magnesium, and other minerals allow your body to properly hydrate after training -- or in the case of children in third world countries, military personnel, and firefighters: survive the most intense conditions in the world.

As the perfect complement to your workout, an ORS can help you replenish after a training session. With  proper hydration, you’ll not only feel healthy and rejuvenated, but your body will also have the ability to continue training at a high level for peak performance. Add a little flavor to your water with our all-natural  Hydration BCAAs.

Training intensity and volume are key to reaching goals as an athlete. But workouts alone may not be enough to get you where you want to be. Gear up with the proper  recovery tools from TimTam to continue taking your workouts to the next level day in and day out.

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According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a warm-up is defined as “preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically designed to prepare the body for exercise or sport”. Designing an adequate warmup is usually dependent on the athlete’s needs, goals, and abilities.¹ The goal is to mentally and physically prepare the athlete for a training session or competition; while reducing the risk of injury. Benefits of a well designed warm-up are as follows:² Psychological readiness and preparation Increased blood flow to active muscles Increased strength and power output Improved joint range of motion Increased core temperature Enhanced oxygen delivery Faster muscle contraction and relaxation There are many warm-up procedures that a coach or athlete may implement into their training routine. Learning about the advantages of different procedures is crucial to building an effective warm-up specific to yourself or another individual. This article will discuss traditional procedures like static and dynamic stretching; as well as some newer modalities aiding in the speed and effectiveness of a warmup.