10 Easter Basket Ideas for the Dedicated Athlete

 For many families, filling Easter baskets with treats, knick-knacks, and other goodies is a beloved Easter tradition. However, for athletes with strict diets who are dedicated to their training, it can be difficult to find the perfect gifts and treats for your athlete. That’s why the experts at TimTam have compiled 10 ideas for the perfect athlete’s Easter basket. Whether you’re sticking with tiny athletic must-haves or know your athlete has been eyeing up the TimTam Power Massager, we have everything you need to fill a candy-free Easter basket for athletes.

TimTam Power Massager

timtam-power-massager-v1-5-ships-within-4-weeks-tt (1).jpg

Something every athlete is secretly hoping to find in their Easter basket is the TimTam Power Massager. The TimTam Power Massager is a personal massager that delivers 2,500 percussive motions to targeted muscle areas per minute. As the hero product of trusted workout recovery brand TimTam, the Power Massager helps boost recovery and performance by massaging out sore muscles. With a variety of accessories like hot and cold tips for an added dimension of treatment, the TimTam Power Massager is a great gift for every athlete.


An easy and affordable addition to every Easter basket is sweat-proof sunscreen. Perfect for athletes who spend their days and afternoons at practice or at games, sweat-proof sunscreen is a great way to encourage healthy skincare for your athlete (and to avoid tan lines from sunglasses).


athletic-tape-pre-cut-strips-kinesiology-tt-therap (1).jpg

Though created to be used before taping an athlete’s ankle on the sidelines, pre-wrap has come to be a gym bag staple for many athletes. Great for athletes who need a quick ankle wrap, makeshift headband, bat or stick grip, or want to decorate the sidelines for a rivalry game, pre-wrap is the perfect affordable Easter basket essential for any athlete.


Serious athletes know that their diet alone is often not enough to achieve the results they’d like to see on their own bodies or on the field. A great Easter basket treat than any athlete would love is a bottle of their favorite supplements. Supplements for protein, amino acids Magnesium, Vitamin D, and many more will help your athlete care for his or her body and maintain optimum health for their workouts.

Fitness Tracker

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Fitness Trackers are a budding technology that has become integral to many athletes’ fitness plans. A variety of fitness trackers on the market keep track of your steps, mileage, calorie burn, heart rate, and more, allowing athletes to reach peak performance in each workout.

Water Bottle

As an athlete, it’s important to stay hydrated to feel alert, stay energized, and avoid cramping and injuries. A simple yet useful Easter basket gift for your athlete is a brand new water bottle. Many athletes have a preference for the type of water bottle they enjoy - plastic or metal, wide mouth or narrow, straws and filters, etc.. If your athlete is the type to stick to one specific type of water bottle, grabbing a duplicate is a great choice. If you’re looking to try something new, check out this list of the best water bottles on the market.


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Though it may seem like the obvious answer, it’s no secret that athletes lose socks frequently and without explanation. Whether there’s a pair stuffed in the bottom of their gym bag or the dryer ‘ate’ the only match, athletes’ socks are always going missing. As a great basket-stuffer (that takes up a solid amount of unused space), a few pairs of your athlete’s favorite socks are a never-fail gift.

Energy Bars

What’s an Easter basket without a single sweet treat? Instead of the sweets and candies that your athlete tries their best to avoid, throw a few of their favorite energy bars into their Easter basket. Whether it’s a specialty energy bar, their favorite granola bars, or just some pregame snacks, your athlete will be grateful for a treat to munch on for Easter.

Floss Band

floss-bands-massage-balls-rollers-tt-therapeutics- (3) (1).jpg

While dedicated athletes know how important recovery is to perform their best, many athletes are unaware of the role that caring for the fascia plays in maximizing recovery efforts. Fascia is responsible for allowing athletes to maintain flexibility, agility, and power: vital abilities in a variety of sports. To help aid in your athlete’s myofascial release, throw TimTam Floss Bands in their Easter basket. Designed to wrap around and compress the fascia during a light cool-down, Floss Bands are great for helping your athlete perform their best.

Bluetooth Speaker

Last but not least, every athlete loves utilizing their workout playlist to get them hyped up for a big game. Great for warm ups, practices, and post-game celebrations, throw a Bluetooth speaker into your athlete’s Easter basket. Not only will they thank you for the motivation the speaker brings, but their teammates will love having tunes for game days as well.

Building an Easter basket for your favorite athlete can be difficult, especially when their strict diets do not permit them to eat candies and sweets. Instead, check out TimTam’s line of modern recovery tools to help your athlete continue to outperform opponents.

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