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"Wish I owned this product 10 years ago! I suffer from chronic pain in my left shoulder. Since using the Power Massager Pro after workouts I’ve had almost zero shoulder pain."

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The taste combined with 3 natural ingredients simply makes Premium Protein the best. Adding additional protein into your diet is crucial when building lean muscle mass for any sport or activity. Each serving contains 19 grams of superior, high-quality protein.




Preparation for Performance

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a warm-up is defined as “preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically...
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Goal-Specific Training for Beginners

There are many factors to consider when programming a training plan for a client or personal use. Generally, newer gym-goers will stick to the 2-4 set range with 8-15 reps...
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Recovery and Rest between sets

Recovery is commonly overlooked as an important aspect of training. Whether the goal is performance related, aesthetics, weight loss, or overall health; recovery allows the body...
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What is Delayed Onset Muscle Sorness?

Worried and/or losing motivation as a result of extreme soreness days after a new activity? You are most likely experiencing the effects of DOMS. Learn more about...
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Coaches, trainers and elite athletes use massage therapy during training to speed recovery. TimTam makes professional grade therapy products for professional athletes, trainers, therapists & consumers. Our patent pending device and attachments will add another layer to your fitness regime or simply unlock the holistic benefits of massage therapy.
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